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Greetings and THANK YOU for visiting!!

Since I love people, I specialize in creative portraits of all kinds: family portraits, child portraits, musician portraits, band portraits, athletic portraits, dance portraits...  I am blessed to live and shoot in an area as incredibly beautiful as Narragansett, RI and surrounding New England!


I prefer to photograph my subjects on location and with natural light.   With photography, as in life, I try to travel light. I utilize limited artificial lighting and generally shoot with just 2 lenses.  My favorite is my Nikon 70-200, 2.8, followed closely by my Nikon 24 - 70, 2.8.   For sports and fun I will also utilize a 300, 2.8 and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a Nikon 10.8 Fisheye.


When I am not capturing or processing images, I can often be found on my sport touring motorcycle, a golf course, on a 'photo safari' or generally in search of an 'adventure', no matter how simple, local or small, IN THE PURSUIT OF MAGIC...

I hope to have the opportunity to share an 'adventure' and create memorable images with you soon!!!  Till then: BE GRATEFUL, SEE THE BEAUTY, SHARE THE WEALTH & LOVE LIFE!!!   

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments....


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